Making way too many plans

You ever tell multiple friend groups that you are planning on hanging out with them and then you become overwhelmed because everyone is free? That’s me on this beautiful Friday leaving work and I don’t know what to do. Mark wants to hit up the Tavern, Jessica wants to see a movie and Mitch wants to do a board game night. I really don’t want to spend money but I haven’t gone out in a long time. I see Mark every week though and we work together. Jessica, who I have been friends with for 20 years now just got out of her relationship and doesn’t want to do anything crazy but see a movie. She kind of disappeared when she got her man but when I needed her she was nowhere to be found. Mitch I keep saying I’ll come over but never do. He continually asks me weekly to come over. I’m paranoid it will be just dudes sitting around talking about their favorite sci fi flick. I’m not into sci fi so I think I’ll be out of place there. I forgot there is still option 4, stay home. I’m very tempted to do that and work on my new painting. I love to paint because it’s relaxing to me. I have to go home first anyways and decide. On my way home I see that our store is closed with a HVAC van in front. I see the cooling specialist resting on his hood on his cellphone. I always felt their food wasn’t at the right temperature plus I think the owner loved leaving the heater on. Oh well I have a decision to make. I think plan 4 is where I’m at.


Heating and cooling service

Working for the car dealership

Waking up on a Monday morning isn’t always the greatest.

  • I put in 50 plus hours trying to help people pick out their next vehicle.

It was quite hot when I woke up though. I’m sweating through my bed sheets. I checked my phone to see what the smart thermostat is set at and it’s at 67 degrees. It very much feels like 78 degrees in my room. Something has to be wrong with that. I take a cold shower and examine my a/c unit. Looks like I might have to call an a/c repairman today. They are still closed so I’ll have to call on lunch. Meanwhile I’ll take a cold shower to cool myself down. Thankfully working for the car dealership it’s always more comfortable there. The air conditioning is always in working order and they just had a HVAC technician come by a few weeks ago to check it out for the summer. The only times I don’t feel great about it is when I have to go outside and show off vehicles. My body is either nice and cool or hot and sweaty. I have to do what I have to do to make a good income. As I drive into work I see a billboard with the cooling company and phone number on it. I stopped to write it down and will call them later. At Least now I won’t have to look up the local HVAC company. I finally got to work and I’m the first person here. I love the quiet so this is a nice start to my Monday.


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Working as an editor of the heating industry magazine

Since I was young, I have always loved writing.

Dad bought me a notebook with a lock for my fifth birthday, which filled up within a week.

I would write down everything I saw and the experiences I had. My parents saw my passion and invested in my enthusiasm for writing. I now work as an editor for the heating industry magazine, and I love it. Growing up, my dad owned a heating company, and I heard, saw, and learned much more about heating, even without intentionally trying. I would see HVAC professionals come over to either do heater maintenance or replace the old system with new heating, and I would ask them questions about their job. I was interested in information and knowing what dad did all day when he left for work. I would interview my parents and then write a report about what they did for work. When I graduated from college, I worked as an editor in a heating business. I wanted to experience working at a different company from my dad’s because I wanted new insight. I would inform my readers about the latest trends in whole-home heating. I would also educate them on maintaining their appliances, including heat pumps and smart thermostats. My vision for the magazine was to have the heating technicians and homeowners find something exciting and insightful in the magazine. I would interview professionals such as heating dealers about their jobs and what is involved in different processes, including the heat pump installation. I also wrote copy for the company’s website and analyzed the reviews left by the customers who had received help with indoor comfort from the professionals. It has been such a fantastic journey, and I enjoy my job. I still do personal writing in my journals.

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Spending a day at the beach after the heat pump installation

My best time of the year has to be December because it also has the best holidays.

Since I was a child, I had always gotten excited over December because we would do things together, like go to the beach, even when it was freezing.

Growing up, I made sure I was available for my family throughout December. I work in the heating industry as an HVAC professional. The heating company I work for has been of great support to the community and me around. I remember last year working all year round except for December. That year we received a group of interns from the heating technician institute, and it was my responsibility to train them and teach them more about heating. I worked with these young people for three months, and we had a lot of fun while learning. We started by learning about the heating business and its core responsibilities, including providing help with indoor comfort to its customers. The service comes from ensuring the customers have whole home heating. One of the ways the company achieves this is by assisting customers in operating and maintaining their heat pumps and smart thermostats, including by handling heater maintenance. On my last work day for the year, I took a couple of interns for a job near my residence. The customer requested we replace their system, so we linked them up with a heating dealer who provided new heating. Our job was to handle the heat pump installation. The procedure took a couple of hours. We drove back to the office to clock out, and then I rushed home for a beach day with my kids. I had promised them a day at the beach, and I like to keep my promises, especially to my children.
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The 12-month internship experience at the heating company

When I graduated college, my professors advised that I join an internship program at any heating business to polish up my practical skills and learn more about heating.

My school looked for a good and successful heating company offering internships to novice heating technicians.

I was excited about the internship opportunity. On the first day, the experienced HVAC professionals asked us questions to show whether we understood how to offer help with indoor comfort. Within the first week, I mastered every step involved in the heat pump installation. I could explain the process and even do it with the help of my other colleagues. My job description as a heating dealer at one of the company’s town stores included dealing in new heating equipment like the smart thermostat and other devices such as heat pumps. I was later promoted to a specialist to advise customers on the benefits of whole home heating and how to maintain their appliances. I would advise customers on the importance and frequency of heater maintenance. It was a memorable and good experience working with experienced specialists and serving various customers. By the end of the 12 months, I had become a veteran in the heating industry. I did so well in the internship that I was absorbed into the company afterward. I started out leading a team of novice professionals. The 12-month program did come in handy, and the experienced colleagues were a primary key to my success in my career. It has been three years since I officially started working at the company as a permanent employee, and I now head different teams. The responsibility shows that I am capable. My future is bright.


Cooling and heating company

Heater maintenance before the predicted brutal winter

I was lucky to manage a tune-up before the weather worsened

I was at work when I heard the announcement from the weatherman that the incoming winter would be brutal, colder than the previous ones. I then overheard my colleagues talking about calling up the heating company to book an appointment with the HVAC professional for repairs. The conversation made me realize that I had not tuned my new heating system since the heat pump installation occurred about two years ago. Since hearing the announcement from the weatherman, I knew that the heating businesses would be bustling, handling different whole-home heating issues from their customers. I was fortunate enough to get the heating technician that mum uses, as he had an opening in his schedule. He would be accessible within a week. With each day that passed, the temperatures dropped even further. My smart thermostat was working fine, but I still needed the specialist to run maintenance on it. When the specialist finally came to my house, he warned me against postponing the heater maintenance for more than a year. He advised that to maintain the heat pump’s optimal function; I would schedule a tune-up at least once a year with a specialist who knows more about heating. The tune-up took about two hours as the unit was still pretty new and did not need major repairs. The professional only replaced the heat exchanger from the heating dealer to help with indoor comfort. Seeing how the heating industry has transformed, booking appointments is now straightforward on different apps owned by various companies. I was lucky to manage a tune-up before the weather worsened. My neighbor had to do with a few space heaters after her system malfunctioned.


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Thankfully my neighbor owns an HVAC company

In fact, one of my neighbors owns an HVAC company and does all of the service work on my heating and cooling system.

In the past I have had issues with my neighbors, especially when I lived in communities with no rules and unsavory individuals. I don’t really care about a person leaving a project vehicle in their driveway to work on over the years, but I hate living next to a person using their entire front lawn as a five-person parking lot while cramming all of those people into a two-bedroom house. And when they started having late night parties, that’s when I really started to snap. That’s where I was living during my late 30s before I met my second wife, with whom I am still happily married to this day. When I finally moved away from that house to get closer to my job, I was worried about what kind of options would await me on the rental market if I tried to get a good deal in a non-dangerous location. Luckily I found a great house that also happened to have great neighbors. In fact, one of my neighbors owns an HVAC company and does all of the service work on my heating and cooling system. He is extremely good at his job and always offers me the friends and family discount, which he went so far as to notate it in my account so I don’t have to tell the phone rep every single time. I hope I don’t ever move away from this area or I’m going to be forced to find a new HVAC company for a change. I am used to the level of service offered by my neighbor’s heating and cooling supplier.

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I mistakenly thought my UVC bulbs were still good

I’m fascinated by the topic of lights, especially electric ones.

My father was a lighting designer before becoming a lighting salesman, so the concept runs through my blood.

I considered becoming an electrical engineer before I moved into physics instead. The topic is so broad that you can go to a number of different places. My first physics professor was an aerospace consultant for the government before retiring and becoming a teacher at my university. I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to do with my physics degree, but I have some time before I finish graduate school to get all of that figured out. This week I get to reawaken my interest in lights because I am learning a lesson on UVC bulbs for air conditioners. Apparently the UVC bulb continues to emit light past the point of its effectiveness. After a year of being on 24 hours a day, the UVC bulb no longer sanitizes the inside of your air conditioner or the air moving through it. This means that you must remember when your lights were installed and get them replaced in time. I had no idea until my HVAC technician told me. I’m glad to finally learn how I’m supposed to deal with the air conditioner and the lights that go inside. While I’m no longer focusing on lighting in my free time, it’s still nice to learn something new about an old interest of mine. I decided to get extra UVC bulbs so I don’t have to purchase them next year when my HVAC technician returns to do a full system inspection and service procedure. That way I will get new UVC bulbs when my coolant is topped off for my HVAC system.

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You need lots of energy to run an ice skating rink in a warm climate

I started ice skating on a frozen pond on my family’s land when I was a little kid.

  • We only ever went on the ice after my father tested it himself beforehand, this was to prevent the possibility of any one of us falling through the ice and drowning or dying from hypothermia.

As we got older, we started migrating to the nearby ice skating rink instead, mainly because my siblings and I had friends from school who hung out at this destination. This was a fun place to hang out with friends on the weekends or during school vacations. They had an arcade in the lobby area where you’d enter after walking through the front door. They had a pro shop off to the side with extremely expensive hockey gear and equipment, or you could simply pay the $5 to get your ice skate blades sharpened. I remember thinking to myself back then that it must cost a lot of money to operate an ice skating rink. First of all, you need industrial chillers to keep the ice cold and prevent it from melting. I can’t imagine the sort of air conditioning systems that are implemented to keep the air cold as well. But when you walk into the lobby area, there is heat running to keep everyone warm that isn’t in the skating area. So you have lots of heat running on one side of the building and cold air chillers on the other. It must cost lots of money for all of that heating and cooling energy. It’s especially bad in the summer when outdoor temperatures work against the ice staying cold indoors.


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The HVAC business owner is a nice man

I have only had a few weird encounters with mean business owners, with one instance recently involving a pawn store owner when I tried to sell a basic diamond ring. He would agree to a price and then back pedal to try and convince me to go even lower. His tactic would be wearing me down to get my reluctant approval on one price so that he could try again to see if it would work as he kept progressively lowering it further and further. I told him not to bother and that I’d just go to his competitor across town instead. After realizing that I was serious, he decided to cooperate. This is a waste of my time and energy when I want to make a simple business transaction. I left that business a bad review as well, which is something I have only ever done on two separate occasions in the past. It just isn’t worth it to me to take the time out of my day to write a random internet review on social media websites. Luckily my HVAC supplier is a company owned by one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. He’s extremely charitable and is one of the lead sponsors for our county’s local Special Olympics event every year. His daughter has cerebral palsy and is mostly confined to a wheelchair, so he has a special place in his heart for those struggling with disabilities of any kind. I am particularly happy to give him my business knowing that some of the proceeds will eventually go to empathetic causes like that. It’s also important for me to work with an honest HVAC company instead of one run by people who are simply out to make as much money as possible.

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