Our neighbors though their air conditioner was alive

Our neighbors thought their air conditioner was alive and I am getting very concerned for them.

  • My neighbors have never been what you would call normal.

They have always had an excess of HVAC units lying around their house and lawn that left me confused. They had four different central air conditioners in their side yard, and an old shed with portable space heaters, mini air conditioners, smart thermostats, and a bunch of other random HVAC units and equipment. At first I thought that they just had heating and cooling equipment for sale at their house or something, but I never know why anyone comes to their house and leaves with an air purifier, air conditioner, or furnace. One day, I saw my neighbor sitting in his living room reading a book to what looked like a portable space heater. Then he put the book down and started talking to the heater. I was really confused at first, but then I began seeing things like this more often. Last week, I looked out my open window and saw him singing a song to his four central air conditioners lined up in his yard. I did some research and did not see my neighbors name under any of the HVAC recommendations, and I knew he didn’t work as an HVAC technician. I am still very concerned for my HVAC fanatic neighbor. I recently ran into him at the heating and cooling department and I was shocked to see him purchasing a brand new window air conditioner, which he already had about six of the same one in his house.



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