New HVAC military weapons

The military was taking all HVAC units from homes to use in the world war.

It all started when an HVAC scientist began finding ways to make weapons out of heating and cooling units.

He was able to convert a central air conditioner into a miniature tank using only the parts of the air conditioner and a few extra screws and bolts. After developing the central air conditioner tank, he went on to converting gas furnaces and electric furnaces into tanks and other war vehicles. After much trial and error, he decided not to build any more gas furnace war vehicles because gas was scarce and expensive. Instead the HVAC technician focused all his attention on converting electric furnaces into war vehicles. He made these furnaces so good that they were self sustainable and rechargeable. This HVAC technician’s work has played a huge part in the world war. One final project the heating and cooling scientist has developed is HVAC zone control. This zone control is used to make the central air conditioner tanks and the furnace vehicles go into formation automatically. The HVAC scientist had to use more than just an HVAC zone control system for this, he also used WIFI smart thermostats to enable the heating and cooling units to be controlled from far away. The military hired this HVAC scientist and began producing these central air conditioners, electric furnaces, HVAC zone control, and smart thermostats at an incredible rate. The best part about using HVAC units for weapons is that there is no blood shed. Many soldiers’ lives were spared because of this HVAC technology.
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