I build an a/c unit from scratch

I survived in a village where there was no HVAC! I never thought I, an HVAC technician, would end up somewhere where there is not an air conditioner or furnace in miles, yet here I am, in the middle of an HVAC forsaken village. My first mission in this village was to begin teaching the people how to make heating and cooling equipment. One the people learned this, they could make heating and cooling equipment for sale and have a better life. Once the people began making air conditioner parts by scratch, I was able to start building the village’s first window air conditioner. I figured it would be best to have an air conditioner first rather than a furnace because these villagers lived in extreme heat that many died from, and the winter months were very far away. I began building the window air conditioner, and was having great success. While I am considered a cooling expert, none of my years of training in HVAC college prepared me to build a window air conditioner in these conditions. After a few months of hard labor, I finally finished the first window air conditioner, and put it in the chief’s hut. Before installing the window air conditioner, I explained to the chief that he would need to enclose his other windows in his hut so that the cooling air of the window air conditioner did not escape. Once I installed the window air conditioner, the chief fell in love with the a/c unit. He would invite the entire village to come into his home and feel the cool air. From then on, I had plenty of HVAC jobs to do and units to build.


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