Some HVAC tips

This summer has been exceptionally hot and humid in the area that I live.

I would walk across the street to get my mail and be sweating by the time I got back to my house. I was so thankful for my air conditioning this summer, but there are a few tips about keeping my house air conditioned and cool that I wish I would have known when it first started to get hot. The biggest problem I had was keeping the cool air in my house. This sounds easy, but when you have four young kids that are constantly coming in and out of the house, the cool air from the air conditioner quickly escapes outside. One thing you can do to help is to make sure your air conditioner is in a cool that does not lead outside. A second tip is to make sure your air conditioner is in a window that is around the same size as the air conditioner. If the air conditioner is a lot smaller than the window, a lot of the cool air will escape outside right as your air conditioner is producing it. One last tip is to get air way blockers for the bottom of your doors that lead outside. If your door has a large gap at the bottom of it, the cool air from your air conditioner can escape and you will be wasting money on your HVAC unit. These simple tips can help you keep your HVAC costs down, and keep the cool air inside your house.

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