I made boilers for a neighborhood

I have been working in a neighborhood for a actually long time now.

I am an HVAC business living in a neighborhood where there were no air conditioners or boilers.

As a matter of fact, most of the villagers had never even heard of an HVAC unit. I first built a window a/c component for the neighborhood chief and soon most people wanted me to build them a window air conditioner. I got to work, and soon every property in the neighborhood had a window air conditioner. I then began working on building boilers for the people. Before building the boilers, I was able to arrange for a shipment of heating and cooling component to come weekly. I was soon able to start my own heating and cooling corporation where I had heating and cooling component for sale. I also continued to build boilers. I had two villagers who were interested in helping me. I began training them and teaching them everything I knew about air conditioners and boilers. Since I only had window air conditioners and easy boilers that were similar to portable space heaters, the two HVAC apprentices were not able to learn all that they needed to. I sent them off to a three week HVAC training course in the city. When they returned they were ready to help me build the boilers for the village. We soon had boilers for every property in the village, and it was just in time for winter, however now that every property has its own window air conditioner and portable space heater, me and the other two villager HVAC businesss had little work to do.

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