Living alone and setting the thermostat to whatever you want

When I was in my 20’s, I spent a few years living on my own.

It was just me and my plants in a 700 square foot cottage by the beach.

Looking back, I probably paid way too much to live in that house, but it was totally worth it. I could leave my laundry out on the couch for days and nobody would say a word. I would stay up late painting and drinking wine and playing loud music. The best part of all was setting the air conditioner to whatever temperature I wanted. I prefer to have a very cold house and living alone, that was what I had. I would keep it set to 69 or lower all day, everyday. I am a hot sleeper, and in the winter months, I did not have to worry about someone wanting to put the heater on in the middle of the night. When it got too cold, I would just grab another blanket. It was the best! There was one particularly freezing winter that I remember being able to feel the draft in my living room and thinking “a central heating system would be great right now”. Other than that, I will always cherish those days of living on my own and setting my thermostat to whatever I wanted. I think it is important to have that time in your life where you are in charge of it all and find out what you really like in life.

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