Visiting Grandma’s house when it was too cold

My cousins and I enjoyed visiting Grandma every opportunity we got as kids.

Her stories were constantly exciting as we got to understand how they lived while in their younger years, but one time my cousins and I visited her and realized that the house was unusually cold; Usually, Grandma’s house was moderate and inviting because of the excellent HVAC system my mother and her siblings installed for her, and it turns out that this time round Grandma’s HVAC system was malfunctioning, Uncle John called Aunt Maggy to explain how unusually cold Grandma’s house was; Grandma had been hiding the truth from pretty much everyone because she didn’t want to burden any of her kids, but lately this has been going on.

As she got older, Grandma needed extra help. Aunt Maggy drove down to Grandma’s house. Two days later, mom did, too, bringing her own HVAC contractor. Discussing it with Grandma prior would yield no help, they knew so they had to act without her knowledge; After the inspection was done that weekend, Grandma’s HVAC unit had a few challenges. The professional requested a new programmable control unit. He said getting a control unit would help maintain a steady temperature and help save energy costs. Heat pumps can entirely get out of hand if not fully controlled. A programmable control unit, preferably a smart one is what Grandma needed to avoid the temperature change. Her apartment was frosty because the control unit had failed for a few months, then before our arrival, Grandma supplemented her heating needs by using a portable heater. The professional replaced the control unit and proceeded to conduct a general HVAC repair that was long overdue.

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