A repair date with my HVAC worker

My friend, Abel, is stubborn and hard to convince.

He had spent a few years abroad and had forgotten most of our ways here.

His company had posted him back to the U.S and he had no option but to start life from scratch again. We went round looking for the best apartment for him and were disappointed each time since none had the heating and cooling requirements Abel wanted. At this rate, it was clear that he would need to settle for the next best alternative and maybe work on customizing his own heating and cooling needs. I knew a great HVAC contractor I could recommend. After we got the house Abel was comfortable with, I called the local contractor that services my own HVAC system. We booked an appointment for later that evening. We would meet the contractor in the local cafe in town. Abel and I arrived at 5 p.m.; he was there waiting for us. I told the contractor what our dilemma was, and Abel’s expectation for top-notch air conditioning services. It was moderate this summer and he struggled to sleep most mornings due to the high heat levels. The contractor proposed getting a new HVAC system, preferably a hybrid system as these work best in our area. He also proposed getting a programmable control unit, or a smart one. This way, Abel would be able to regulate the temperatures based on his preferences. We were happy we finally had an idea of how to handle the temperature changes. Abel took the HVAC worker’s number for further consultation in case of any new installations and repairs. He had proved to be a great choice.

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