Having a fresh air vent to the boiler

My home is somewhat greater than most average homes; When it comes to maintaining my home there is a lot of cleaning and projects that I would like to have completed.

However while in the winter time time there isn’tmuch that I can accomplish especially when the temperature that I live in tends to have freezing freezing temperatures and a lot of snow. That’s why while in the winter time time I have a lot of indoor projects, such as cleaning my home and making sure that all my major appliances are new. Just recently I have installed a fresh air vent to my boiler. I guess that having fresh air in my home is crucial to living in a wash and healthy environment. However since my friend and I live in a truly freezing area it seems like the fresh air vent drags in a lot of freezing air that offsets the heat that the boiler is trying to produce for our home. I want to ask my Heating & Air Conditioning specialist if my upgrade of the fresh HVAC duct was a smart move. Instead of giving me false information, he wanted to set up an appointment within the next few afternoons and take a look at it hands on. The reason for this is that a fresh air vent to a boiler is a drastic subject and that sporadically a fresh air vent that is not not installed officially could let in carbon monoxide into the home. I am looking forward to hearing what my Heating & Air Conditioning specialist says, in hopes that I have installed it officially and that it is something that is useful for my home.

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