At work and a/c unit not turning on

Where I work I am a sales person in a beautiful gift shop. This gift shop really highlights the county that I live in. I am retired from my engineering job of over 25 years. I wanted a small part time job so I could still stay active and make a little bit of side money. The gift shop that I work in has a bakery and other grocery items. We sell everything from cookies to candles to purses. It’s a small country store and we get extremely busy during our summer season. I have been working here for a little over 2 years now and I am now the manager. The other day while I was working I realized that our air conditioning unit was not working at all. I called my boss to let them know and they told me to call the HVAC provider that was listed in the office. I called the HVAC provider and they told me that they would be over in a few hours. When they showed up they asked me how old the HVAC unit was. I told them the HVAC system unit was about 15 years old. In the office there were listed dates when the last time the HVAC system was serviced. It looked like the very first time that the HVAC system was installed was in 2001. I knew from my own personal experience that an HVAC system that is over 15 years old might have to be replaced. This seemed to have been the case since the air conditioning unit was not turning on at all.

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