Take time to check online reviews when looking for a heating technician

There’s a popular phrase that says you shouldn’t believe everything you read online.

I always thought it applied to conspiracy theories and random facts I come across on the internet, but live reviews and customer feedback never crossed my mind. Sometimes I check reviews, but only when I’m buying new products or gadgets from online stores. I gained a different perspective after a bad experience with a technician I found online. Our area was experiencing unexpected heavy rains last month, so we had to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout. I noticed the heating equipment had a problem because I would adjust the wireless thermostat from my phone, but the temperature remained the same. It wasn’t freezing, so I figured the boiler wasn’t the problem. The next heater maintenance was a few months away, so I decided to look for a heating technician online to handle the minor repairs. After a quick online search, I found a local HVAC serviceman who was available the following day. He checked my electric HVAC and concluded the electric heat pump was damaged. He had some HVAC products for sale and offered to replace them with one of those devices. Everything was okay for two days, but on the third day, I noticed an unusual burning smell coming from the unit. I switched it off and immediately called my regular HVAC specialist and explained what happened. He conducted a thorough inspection of the entire electric heating system. Unfortunately, the technician had left naked power cables that came into contact and ignited a spark. He recommended immediate heat pump installation to solve the issue and advised me to get a HEPA filter for better performance. I mentioned my previous experience and he cautioned me to always confirm certification and qualification while sharing some practical energy saving tips.



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