Is your HVAC serviceman qualified?

The COVID-19 pandemic caught the world by surprise, and many businesses are still trying to recover.

I had just started my first business and was learning the ropes of running a successful event catering service.

I was due to cater for my biggest event yet, a double wedding with twin brides the following month. This was my chance to shine, so I went all out, sparing no expense. Unfortunately, lockdown happened two weeks before D-Day, so I had to cancel all the arrangements. I incurred significant losses, and I had to close my business indefinitely. I’m now ready to get back into business, but I’m considering a different line of work. I was browsing HVAC products for sale a few months ago, and I noticed there was no nearby store with modern gadgets such as a wireless thermostat. This got me thinking that I should venture into heating equipment and establish a store where homeowners can find everything under one roof. I plan to have everything one might need, from a complete electric HVAC unit to individual components like a boiler, HEPA filter, and electric heat pump. I consulted an HVAC specialist, and he suggested having a certified HVAC serviceman in the store to explain how certain procedures, like heat pump installation, work. The heating technician should be savvy with the electric heating system so they can share energy-saving tips with customers and offer heater maintenance. He was positive my business would thrive if I got genuine devices and equipment and ensured all team members had the right qualifications and certifications. I agree because it’s the only way to avoid botched HVAC installations and defective devices that will last only a few months.

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