Staying at a farm with a cozy fireplace while we convert our van

My girlfriend and I went to meet this guy who knows a lot about converting vans into comfortable living spaces.

We were a bit lost on what to buy and what to look for, so we thought it would be a good idea to seek his advice. We met at the beach and showed him the vans we’ve been looking at so far. He wasn’t convinced by any of them; either they had too much mileage, were too old, or were too expensive. He also mentioned that with summer approaching, it’s not the best time of the year to buy a van and that it would be difficult to find a reliable, good quality van with a functioning heating and cooling system that would fit our budget. So he suggested we go traveling this summer around the continent and look at vans in other countries where there is a better market. We can travel around in trains with air conditioning and do voluntary work in exchange for food and shelter. This gave us something to think about. He then suggested we go and have a beer with some friends at the local business near where he works. He told us that he was really into mechanics and DIY and that we could stay and convert our van on his farm. He told us he has running water, electricity, and a nice fireplace there to keep us warm during the winter. He said he could even help us with the conversion if he wasn’t too busy working for the HVAC company. My girlfriend and I were over the moon with this offer!

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