Saving money from heat and A/C repair

I’m down to about $850 on my loan and am hoping to pay it off in the next six months to get that monkey off my back.

Nobody likes to be in debt as it feels like a black cloud floating over you all of the time.

I also owe my sibling about $5K after borrowing the money six months ago to buy a stock that has now sunk my money from him down to $2K. But with some luck and taxing work by the dealer I know that price could rebound to at least what it was before. Heating and cooling work is my main gig and I also make some money from playing rock n roll, so between the two of them I know I can save some heating and air conditioning money so that I have a buffer in the bank again. I genuinely want to buy this cologne today, but I feel guilty for spending the money because I need to get my teeth fixed soon and need money for that. The local company tech had his teeth cleaned recently and they look so much better, spawning me to want to do the same with my grille soon. I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in like three years I think, last time they did it they said they genuinely had no buildup of plaque or anything. My heating and air conditioning specialist neighbor recommended that I get my teeth bonded where they are cracked to make them look better, and so I am going to need a wonderful chunk of change for that as well.
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