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Yesterday and the afternoon before I wasn’t feeling so well. Two nights ago I was in pain in most of my joints from playing too much ball, and yesterday I had a sinus headache all afternoon long. But today, it looks like all of that pain has subsided and the headache is gone as well. I felt wonderful and slept pretty well last night, so today is going to be a wonderful afternoon and hopefully some modern things come around the corner. I will work for the next 45 minutes or hour on this stuff then hit the climate control system and head out for a little bike ride along the shore. I genuinely miss my family but I need to accept that I have chosen a new life here overseas and cherish it as much as I can. I miss my heating rep mom the most as she grows older and lives life back in the States without me there anymore. But I can’t just live for my mom because I have a life too and she will be gone one day soon and I will have to go on without her, and she’s been such a huge part of my life ever since sitting in front of the fireplace as a child listening to her read me stories about the heating and air conditioning world while he was learning to become an heating and air conditioning rep in the industry. I am pursuing a work in rock n roll and need to be here overseas to make that dream a reality, and besides, mom would be proud of me one afternoon with this new path I’m carving.

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