A good day to play music at the local business

It’s a beautiful day today, and whether I can go to the beach or not depends on how my leg is doing. I injured my leg yesterday while playing soccer with my buddies. Now it is swollen and hurts a bit when I try to walk. I don’t think I broke a bone, because then I wouldn’t have been able to continue with the game. It was only a few hours after the game that it started to hurt. It could be that I tore a tendon or ligament, and inflammation is a natural response from the body, so I’ll just continue to apply cooling ointments to it and wait till it gets better. My buddy is waiting for me to confirm that I will be able to play music in the local business and then hang out for a beer to watch the sunset. I just don’t know if I can, because right now I’m limping around the house, and since I didn’t get much sleep because of the pain, I’m behind on work for the local contractor. If I can’t go to the beach, I’ll stay at home and practice music once I get my work done. I may also do some studying for the language course and order some air conditioning filters online. My partner’s sister has just dropped by to come and collect her portable space heater and told me that it’s good for me to move my leg as long as it doesn’t hurt too much, so I might take her advice and head off to the beach once I finish my work for the HVAC provider.


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