Trying to figure out what RV with temperature control to buy

20 minutes more of work to get done and then it’s time for a cut to reset my body and mind.

I’ve not had dinner yet, and I’m thinking bananas and peanut butter will be a fantastic choice to get my energy levels back up.

I have to take the cats out later, which takes up a lot of physical energy; Both our cats are 13 years old, but they have the energy levels of puppies. It’s interesting how cats don’t age as much as humans do. I would like to see my 68-year-old Mom run around the park chasing squirrels like they do. Anyway, the sky has become overcast now and is getting a bit cold, so I assume I’m going to go and look for my portable space heating system down in the basement; I haven’t used it since May, so it’ll really be dusty and need a fantastic clean. Since it’s not a fantastic afternoon this week to be outside, I might as well make progress with my work for the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor so I can have the weekend free to go camping. My boyfriend is going to a friend’s birthday party in this immense mansion with a fireplace. She’s spent the whole weekend there and I will take advantage of it to spend some me time in nature. I find it certainly therapeutic to be alone in nature separate from any distractions, and I will certainly not be thinking about the smart thermostat my boyfriend wants me to buy. It is a fantastic time for me to go on a “spiritual retreat” as well, because I feel that I’m a bit lost in terms of knowing what RV with temperature control to buy, so it will be a fantastic time for me to figure this out.

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