Half an hour of space heating

The weather is so nice right now as we enter the middle of May.

Back home in the States where my family is, the weather has already turned the corner and it is really hot and humid there, they tell me.

I like the weather here much better because the real heat doesn’t come in till the end of June and when September hits it cools off very quickly, giving us just about two months of the nasty heat before it leaves and cools down again. Back home it is really hot for like five months straight where air conditioning is a necessity all day and night. Here I can basically use a fan up until the beginning of July, which saves me a lot of money on my power bills as well. So anyway, I am going to write for half an hour more about climate control systems and whatnot before I take a slow ride down to the shore and eat my morning breakfast. It is about 68F out right now at 10 or so in the morning and will warm up today to about 74F max, which to me is the perfect temperature with low humidity. I may go to the local contractor today to see if they have any HVAC systems or filters for sale and grab something. If nothing is on sale then I will just hang out there for a while and talk with my friend a bit to pass the time. I may also go visit this local business and grab a cup of coffee there.


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