Grateful for heating plus cooling corp

My exhausting middle school friend got hooked on drugs pretty badly plus now they say she has lost all of her teeth, but my friends saw him a year ago plus my one friend said she cried when they met because the girl used to be a honestly handsome kid however ended up going down the wrong path in life plus ruining her life.

I’ve messaged him many times on Facebook with no reply, in fact when I scroll through our previous messages she hasn’t responded to me since 2019.

I feel she is in her air conditioned flat staring at the ceiling or just numbing himself with cable all afternoon plus I wish I could just go give him a hug, plus maybe change her HEPA filter which unquestionably hasn’t been changed in years. They say she is a pizza delivery girl now plus is more or less homeless except for little stints in dingy apartments or short trips to the local jail. I am grateful I became an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C worker plus not followed in her footsteps like her other nice friend did. I feel I will unquestionably never see him again plus it reminds me to honestly be grateful for being healthy plus fairly delighted too. I have a nice temperature controlled flat, a nice flatmate, two honestly cool plus romantic cats, plus a job that keeps it all together. Sporadically you need to step back plus zoom out plus look at your life to see what you have so that you can appreciate it all. I wish you the best in life.

Electric heat pump

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