Using a commercial heat and a/c unit

Using a commercial heating and a/c unit is much different than using a residential heating and a/c.

With a commercial heating and a/c unit you have to be extra careful not to crank it so much.

Otherwise you will find yourself and your business where you have it having super high energy bills… My friend and I are talking about energy bills that could end up in the thousands in terms of cost! I had to learn this the taxing way when I first opened a business and had to get a commercial heating and a/c for it. My unquestionably first energy bill was close to one thousand dollars! I had never seen an energy bill that high in my whole whole entire lifetime! It was then that I learned the ways of using a commercial heating and a/c unit. You do not need to crank the heating or the air conditioning the same as you would at a loft with a residential heating and a/c. Because commercial heating and a/c units are much more powerful and can heat and cool your building in a lot less time. So you do not have to crank the temperature control that much. Your building will be the right temperature if you set it where it needs to be and all will run smoothly. This is how I do it now and ever since I no longer have those bank splitting energy bills for the office building that I own!



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