The weather change simply means more a/c

It is definitely that time of the year again where the weather is changing from nice to absolutely bad hot! And because of this fact I am now having to use more air conditioning within my home.

Running the air conditioning absolutely raises my energy bills all together and I absolutely can not guess of anything to do to change this! Using portable a/cs will not work because it is simply just too hot for that in the area in which I live.

Using portable air conditioning indoors instead of your central heating and a/c’s cooling only works if it is normal hot, however over here in the desert where I live it is ungodly hot. And no portable a/c can take the arena of a central heating and a/c at this point with these kinds of uneven temperatures. I have thought about moving to a different area however right now I can not afford a cross country transport out of here. So I have to deal with the super bad heat and crank my central heating and a/c’s cooling to get me some indoor comfort all together. This is the only thing I can do blessedly. But someday I will transport from here and not have to deal with the fact that I need this much air conditioning all the time from my central heating and a/c’s cooling. This is simply just the way of life here and this is the season where you need more air conditioning!
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