The space heater was a disappointment to me

I bought myself a portable space heater that was on sale.

  • And I have to tell you that this was a large mistake.

This portable space heater was a major disappointment and did not do its task one bit! The old portable space heater was weaker than ever and would not even cool my whole living room as it should have. With this week’s heating, ventilation, and A/C technology there should not be a question in the world on if a portable space heater can heat a room in minutes. This one that I got on sale was definitely like one of the most unquestionably old portable space heaters! No wonder it was on sale like it was. I ended up being so disgusted with it all that I took it back to the store and demanded a refund. I did get the refund I demanded, however not separate from a fight. I had to hammer it into their heads that more or less this portable space heater sucked and that not for any price would it be worth anything! They should not even bother selling this brand of portable space heater either. I took my cash then and went to another store and got a unquestionably brand new and unquestionably up-to-date portable space heater that unquestionably did the task it was supposed to do and heated my living room in minutes and made it so I could beginning saving cash on my biweekly electric bills all around. I will not make a mistake like this ever again!

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