My best years in the HVAC business

I have been in the heating and air conditioning business for over 30 years now.

And I have to say the best years in the heating and air conditioning business were back when I started. At that time everything was fresh and new and I really was feeling great about what I was doing. After 3 decades it kinda gets tiresome. I am actually thinking about going to get a new career for the next 20 years I have to work before I can retire. Heating and air conditioning is just boring to me now if you want my total honest opinion on it all. I just have to force myself to get out of bed everyday to come to work at the local heating and air conditioning company I work for just to repair or install yet another central heating and air conditioning system unit. With the way that heating and air conditioning technology has advanced it has made it harder for me since I was not taught this new technology nor was it anything like this when I passed HVAC school and got my official heating and air conditioning certification. Times change and so does everything else, including my desire to want to continue on being a heating and air conditioning specialist. The best years were the first 20. The last 10 years have been hell and I do think it is going to be time for a major change sometime in the very near future. I just need to figure things out on what I would like to do.

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