HVAC systems used to be heavy

It really blows my mind on how central heating and air conditioning systems back as short as 10 years ago used to be so much heavier than they are today.

It seems that back then and before a central heating and air conditioning system needed to be moved by at least 2 heating and air conditioning workers on a dollie. Today you can get a brand new and very up to date central heating and air conditioning system unit and move it all by yourself because they are no longer super heavy! Some of them are even very compact in comparison. Heating and air conditioning technology has sure come a long way with what they can do these days. You have the now lighter and less bulky central heating and air conditioning systems as one of the main major things in my opinion. Then of course you have portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems that are much smaller and all more so powerful than they used to be. This is why it always amazes me on how today’s heating and air conditioning technology can do what it does. Because it would not have even been imaginable before this. I certainly hope there are more things to come in the world of heating and air conditioning technology. Because it should just keep getting better and better as the years roll on and on. I think it shall be very great!

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