Making sure kids having good cooling now

The plan was easily not to be moving into our current site, in our current region at the start of the Summer.

  • For sure, it works out maybe with the kids finishing up school in the city.

But my partner was already going to stay with them while I saw to the renovations in our current site. Between a crisis inside the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of the office that pulled me back to the city & just the slow going of any house project, my friend and I were behind. Finally, I solved the challenge & was again free of having to be in the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning of the office. I was able to turn my full attention to getting the condo ready. That’s been six weeks ago & my friend and I are moving in now. This is a large transfer for us. My associate and I had consistently wanted to raise our kids outside of the city. And when my friend and I found this seasoned farmcondo 90 minutes from the city, my friend and I couldn’t resist, but yet, there were plenty of things that had to be addressed in our current house. It was an older structure & one that was built prior to the existence of residential Heating & Air Conditioning. So there is no central a/c. That was my first priority because our kids’ home offices were on the second floor. I wasn’t stuffing window cooling systems in those rooms. But I had to have something. Thankfully, the local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier came through for us by installing a multi split ductless heat pump system throughout the house. My associate and I have a big, custom wood stove that will deliver the bulk of the heating. Yet, having the ductless heat pumps sure will make the Summer more manageable for sure.

ductless multi split

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