Indoor air quality was an issue

I never thought I would be the kind of person to worry about air quality.

I used to have a roommate, who was super identifiable about the indoor air quality of our shared apartment, she suffered from pretty awful allergies, & was constantly sneezing & sniffling.

She was constantly checking her UV air purification system, & calling to have the air quality maintained, but honestly, I kind of thought that she was being overdramatic, & that it wasn’t that bad; After all, I wasn’t being affected at all, so why is she having such a dire reaction? My conclusion is that she was being overdramatic, but well, my associate and I eventually split ways & I moved into an apartment closer to the city. Because this was in the city, it was closer to polluted areas, not long after moving into my apartment, I noticed I was sniffling & my eyes were scratchy. I developed a cough, & I grew distraught that I was ill. I went to my healthcare expert, who told me it was the indoor air quality. I decided that I was going to get an air cleaner, because this constant dust sensitivity was miserable. I was beginning to understand my former roommate, & feel bad. Now I wish I had a bit more empathy for her situation. Anyways, I bought my air cleaning system, & it is supposed to be here in the next few afternoons, & it can’t come quick enough. I feel miserable all of the time now, & I can’t wait to feel normal again.



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