Customizing our current heating & cooling

So over the course of the last couple of decades, we’ve been a bit back & forth on just where my friend and I wanted to live once my friend and I retired.

And once the kids were out of the central a/c of our home, it was time to sell.

Our family house was the perfect size for us, our four children & the multiple pets who have occupied the space. Yet, it was like living in an empty warecondo once the kids were gone. Where I once wished for a moments peace & quiet to simply put my feet up in the a/c was far to quiet. I could really hear the thermostat click well before I heard the heat pump kick on with a/c. That wasn’t at all possible when the condo was full. My associate and I finally decided it was time to sell when my friend and I were faced with replacing the residential Heating & Air Conditioning. My associate and I were going to have to do that anyway in order to get the best price for our home. So my friend and I did that & plenty of other improvements suggested by the realtor. My associate and I were completely astounded by the price our family house sold for. But with that money, my friend and I chose to stay put & build our first custom house. And there was nothing off limits do to finances thanks to the windfall from our family house sale. That meant that my friend and I were going for exactly what my friend and I wanted with the residential Heating & Air Conditioning. My associate and I used the same Heating & Air Conditioning business who did the toil on the house my friend and I sold. And wow, he truly customized the heating & cooling in our home. My associate and I prefer the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning & it’s already proved to be the best a/c we’ve ever had. And it’s still May!


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