This heating and air conditioning unit is quite old

I recently had tried a smart control unit for the entirely first time.

And I have to say I was not glad with it at all.

It was supposed to have all kinds of benefits but those did not benefit me in the slightest. As a matter of fact it provided me more of a headache than ever before. After dealing with this for a few months I decided that I was just going to go back to my older control unit which was a typical dial control unit from the olden days of things. I had that dial control unit for years plus it still worked just as great as back when with my current plus most current central heating plus a/c unit unit, but going back to my seasoned control unit is going to be so much better for me. I am glad I did not throw it away! Because getting a great quality dial control unit these days that are like the seasoned dial control unit that I had is hard to find. Reinstalling the seasoned dial control unit is not going to be a large problem or issue. I will just call the local heating plus a/c business to send out one of their most certified plus professional heating plus a/c specialists to take out the crappy smart control unit plus reinstall my top of the line plus most high quality seasoned school dial control unit! This will be the best thing for me plus I think that I know I am going to do this next week. I have seriously had enough of this over hyped piece of crap smart control unit!


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