I thought I had fixed the problem

One thing you do not hear of too often is someone having their temperature control repaired.

With as cheap as temperature controls of all kinds are these afternoons, usually people just buy brand up-to-date temperature controls when something goes wrong with their new or old/older one.

However in my case I wanted to have my seasoned dial temperature control repaired because it is certain in several ways. It is also much better than the cheap dial temperature controls that they have on the heating plus air conditioner market today… Dial temperature controls are not made today like they were 30 years ago. Which is how seasoned my dial temperature control is. It is new broken plus I am just going to spend money the heating plus air conditioner dealer that is local to me to send out one of their most professional plus seriously certified heating plus air conditioner specialists to come out plus repair my seasoned dial temperature control rather than toss it in the trash plus get a brand up-to-date dial temperature control which will not even measure up to the dial temperature control of 3 decades ago that I wish to rescue, keep plus continue using for the rest of my natural born life if at all humanly possible in this situation! There is nothing like the seasoned dial temperature controls, plus I intend to keep mine alive no matter what the cost of it will be in the end. It is the legitimately best all around, then forget smart temperature controls and even digital non-smart temperature controls. This seasoned dial temperature control is where it is at plus consistently will be as far as I am anxious!

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