We could use an up to date filter

My portable media air cleaner that I have been using in my kitchen for a while now is showing signs of chopping down.

It keeps turning off at random. Also it is not doing as great of a job in cleaning the indoor air quality. I find myself having allergic reactions like I used to before I had the portable media air cleaner. So what I need to do is go out plus buy a brand up-to-date portable media air cleaner. They are only one hundred bucks or so for the better ones. I am not going to spend several hundred dollars though on a portable media air cleaner. So i just need to find more or less the same one or similar to the portable media air cleaner that I have which is starting to go bad. I could too invest thousands of dollars into one of those whole property media air cleaners, however this is not something that I want to do. I do not have that kind of money to spend anyhow. I do not even have the ability to invest because that would be quite a loan to take out from the bank plus with my terrible credit I can not see the bank giving me that kind of a loan amount. So I will just have to stick to the portable media air cleaners instead which were doing me legitimately great until this one that I have started acting up; Maybe I will spend money a little more here just to have better quality plus maybe it would last a longer lifespan than this last portable media air cleaner did.

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