It didn’t take much to rile the HVAC tech.

I knew I was supposed to crate my animals before the HVAC technician arrived, but they were sending the bully to my house.

I called this HVAC technician the bully, because he would swat at birds if he heard them singing and grumbled how all animals were nuisances and should be shot.

I didn’t like the man, and he didn’t like me for defending the innocents. When he got to the house this week, he instantly perused the area to make sure none of the pests were about. I told him they were all ‘caged’ as he put it and he should take care of the air conditioning unit and get out. About the time he started working, I let Wally out the front door. He ran around to the back and started barking at the HVAC technician. He tried to slap Wally and kicked at him, which had Wally barking even louder, if a Chihuahua can bark loud. He was more annoying than anything. My neighbor came outside when she heard the commotion. She yelled to Bart, who I learned was the first name of the HVAC technician. She told him to be nice and the animal wouldn’t hurt him. Once she got arond the fence, she picked Wally up and cuddled him for a few minutes, before putting him down. She told the HVAC technician that if he made nice with Wally, Wally would make nice with him. The HVAC technician snarled and told her he would try harder. He may try harder with my neighbor, but I couldn’t see the HVAC technician trying harder with Wally.


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