Working for the local business

I just talked to a nice girl on a bench, sitting beside her eating my apple and kefir.

She sits on the same bench each morning and I talked to her a bit today.

I’m not interested in dating her or anything like that, but it is nice to have a friend to talk to in the morning when I am chilling and eating my breakfast. I just like being nice to people for the sake of being nice and not trying to get anything from them. It makes me feel better by being nice to them, as the HEPA filter sales lady taught me to be with everyone. It is easy to shut down and only be nice to your friends, but I don’t like how I feel being that way so I try to be nice to everyone. Working as an HVAC tech at the heating corp gives me ample opportunities to be nice to people, as we get a lot of heating and cooling customers coming in each day for help. I like to work there because it gets me around people and they also pay me quite well too. I will keep working there as a heating rep for a few more years while I am getting this band of mine in gear. I want to push our band this year and see if we can make our songs better and improve our singing. I have a lot to learn, but this local contractor is going to help us out with some singing lessons and it should help a lot.


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