The Heating and A/C dealership wasn’t open

It was the end of an era in my neighborhood.

The major heating and cooling system dealership that has been here for decades is finally closing its doors.

The owners have decided to retire and are not interested in selling the supplier to another owner. They simply wanted the heating and cooling system dealership to be remembered as their own, which I understand makes sense in this small town where I live. Having a supplier of any kind that has lasted for decades is nothing short of a miracle, especially when it comes to heating and cooling system dealerships. There aren’t many heat and cooling system sales arenas in the area. There are only a few heating and cooling companies in the area that provide heating and cooling repair as well as heating and cooling system installation. However, these arenas do not sell heating, air conditioning, or anything else. They only provide heat and cooling system apartment services as well as the installation of any brand new and current central heating and a/c unit. I used to work for the recently closed heating and cooling system dealership. It was a wonderful time in my life when I first graduated from high school. I had previously worked for them as a sales representative and had done exceptionally well. This was over 35 years ago. It’s difficult to believe that the heating and cooling system dealership is closing its doors forever and retiring from the heating and cooling business, it’s undoubtedly the end of an era! My memories of my time at the dealership will always be special to me, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked there during such a pivotal period in my life.


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