Take the time to clean your cooling system

I need to drink a large glass of lemongrass water this day and get hydrated before I keep writing.

The body needs pints of water a day to survive and for energy, and periodically when we are feeling sleepy it is just because we haven’t had enough water.

I have to finish work this week for another two hours and then I am going to get some fresh air and try a guided meditation at the beach to try and find some answers to life. I get answers periodically during the silence of meditation and it helps guide me in the directions that my heart wants. My cooling supplier Guy meditates each day and she is one of the calmest souls you will ever meet. Guy also teaches yoga in local corporations in town and I learned a lot from going there a few times a week, but now I meditate at my household next to my whole household air cleaner because it truly drowns out any noises from outside. I have a Buddha saying right in front of me when I am laboring to calm me down and bring me back to the moment when my mind begins to stroll. This week I am going to do more singing on the beach and try to find the inner voice that I want to bring out in my music when I play with our band. There is another level I can hit, kind of like my cooling system when it is turned all the way to high. It blasts a lot more freezing air out than the lowest level setting, which is the same with my inner voice that I am holding back on.


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