My child had to complete the AC inspection.

I was working on an a/c device last week! My child had just completed HVAC classes & was waiting for her certification to arrive, however once it got to the office, I was going to have her working with one of my older HVAC servicemans, and she stood behind me when I was cleaning & prepping our a/c for summer, & she kept saying she could never be the HVAC serviceman I was; I assured her she could be better, however she didn’t know it.

I wanted her to do the inspection & minor repairs, however she refused.

I was almost done, when an idea finished making into my head. I hung my head & told her I wasn’t feeling well. I had to get out of the sunshine & get some tylenol & something to drink. She was upset about me, however I told her she had to complete the inspection on the a/c unit. She had to make sure the paperwork was complete, & take care of all the cleanup. She said she wasn’t ready to do all this, however I knew she was. She had to prove it to herself, or she was going to talk herself out of being an HVAC serviceman, however half an hour later, I sat in the living room watching her outside the living room door. She came inside & I smiled. She told me to wash the smug look off my face, because she knew it was a ruse & I wasn’t sick. I would not have remembered to tell her to do the paperwork if I had been. She did a marvelous task with the a/c unit.


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