Jerry truly has the desire to have central a/c in his dwelling

My acquaintance Jerry has been extremely frustrated about a good amount of things in life.

I shouldn’t say frustrated, more like jealous that almost everyone has what he wants even though he cannot cover the cost for anything.

I keep telling him that he needs to get a better task because he is not getting a fantastic pay at his current employment. He does not listen because he enjoys his task and it does just enough for him to survive morning to morning. Still, I have to listen to his complaints and jealousy on a regular basis. Recently with temperatures getting much warmer, he keeps saying he wants to get central a/c installed. He was telling me that he is tired of his ceiling fan and his box fan to try and keep cool from the breeze. I know for starters, that would not ever be fantastic for me. I have children and they run all the time. My family has a central a/c appliance which I installed a few summers back from our local HVAC contractor. It was worth the cost and installation. Jerry thinks he can invest in everything and do all the HVAC service himself. This guy only knows how to change his air filters and pretty much nothing else. He entirely should have an HVAC tech take care of the central a/c appliance portion. I understand he does not have the money however if he does not have the money, then he shouldn’t get a central a/c installed. I can see why he has the desire to have it installed after coming into my dwelling. It’s just comforting and after being outside in the heat, it’s nice to have cooling in the dwelling.

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