Is the landlord providing heat pump repairs?

I have to pay my rent again soon and am going to deduct some equipment that I needed to get for the flat, which means that the landlord of my building will truly start chirping about how he should not have to pay for it himself. The landlord doesn’t like to pay for anything over here in Spain when it comes to repairs in their apartment complex, which is something that has been going on a long time in this country. In the USA, when something breaks in one of my rental homes I normally pay for it separate from a big issue, especially sizzling water heating systems like mine here, which comes with the apartment building and should be covered by the owner. For some reason though he seems to know the renters should pay for stuff like that and not the owner of the building. I know that the landlord should service anything that came with the building when it was built, including sizzling water boilers and the heating and cooling systems. The other appliances in the flat like the fridge and washing machine I have no concerns with paying for by myself if they break, but the other stuff needs to be covered by the landlord like they do in all of the other countries who treat their renters fairly. I will go to visit the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier later this week and ask the heating and cooling tech what he thinks about this deal. I bet he says that the owner has to pay for anything linked to the apartment building like the water heating systems and Heating, Ventilation plus A/C systems.


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