Happy easter and a happy cooling device

Today is Easter Sunday and it is a bittersweet feeling to me.

My family is all back home in the States celebrating with a big dinner, while I am here alone overseas by myself.

I am looking at 2023 to see if my life is moving in the direction I want it to over here, or if I should get back to my herd in the States before they all die off. My uncle is slipping away now and I am sure there will be others following him pretty soon. It is not easy hearing about family dying while heating and cooling jobs keep me busy over here while I am working at the HVAC company. I moved here in 2015 to do comedy full time, but I left the field about four or five years ago because I got tired of doing it and watching it. The local contractor likes my work here and wants me to stay, but if I decide to move back then I have an HVAC business that will employ me back home. I’m just not sure I want to be back in that rat race again in my hometown, where everyone seems to be on the move and never just chilling out. I like working for the cooling corp here in town and I can take a slow ride on my bike and be at the local business within about three minutes. I also live about three minutes from the coast, and doing that in the states would cost me about four times what it does here.


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