Ductwork diagnostics just before summer

After the drama our heating component showed us in the middle of winter, we were not willing to risk going into Summer without heating service, and back then, our heat pump had gone off with the cold temperatures, and the boiler decided to bail on us too.

It was a messy 24 hours waiting for the heating corporation to find us an emergency HVAC tech for our property services emergency because they were busy with similar emergencies.

Thankfully we had an electric heating system to handle around. My buddy and I had already invested in what we knew as quality heating technology from the heating industry, so all we needed to do was keep them well-diagnosed with the help of the HVAC serviceman. Everyone had set reminders for when we had agreed to have a company check the heating component for any flaws. It is now funny to know about how panicked we were, but the trauma of staying cold made us fear suffering heat strokes if anything went wrong with the equipment. The only thing we were sure was okay was the digital control component because it was only many months old. But even that did not feel comforting because we had been told that any messes within our component would also affect the control unit. My buddy and I booked the heating service just before all the people started doing their property calls for help. I obtained the air filters we needed because we knew they usually run out of stock sometimes when demand goes high, especially since Summer gets a little dustier for us. The company came around intending to do a HVAC duct cleaning session, but some cracks could not be ignored. That became an extra day of work for them to do the duct sealing effectively.


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