Doing HVAC appliance work definitely can be lonely

I have been an HVAC appliance expert for almost a decade now.

I genuinely enjoy my work, however there are afternoons when I couldn’t help feeling super lonely.

I often found myself considering how much I like my task when I drove my HVAC van from one task to another. I would totally reflect on my life, my family, and my pals. Most of all, I reflected on the reality that I spent most of my afternoons alone. I engaged with people on my task, however they were regularly short or working, basically, they were businesslike! Beyond the conversation I made figuring out what was wrong with someone’s HVAC appliance, I barely knew any of my purchasers. It was a relatively lonely life that weighed a good amount on me. I hoped that I could work in an office, surrounded by colleagues. At certain times, I wished for more active work that would allow me to become more engaged with people, but despite my infrequent feelings of loneliness, I appreciated the work I was always doing. I realized that I was giving the local people an expensive repair by keeping them completely comfortable thanks to their furnace in the frosty season or cool with their a/c in the summer. I knew I was excellent at what I regularly did. I was experienced and capable of diagnosing and repairing the most difficult HVAC appliances. So I drove from task to task, sometimes talking to my purchasers however nothing entirely has changed, I’m still working totally alone. I know it felt lonely many times, although I was doing essential work that is pressing for almost everyone.

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