A new filter for the heating system

I am getting very close to finishing the last of my work for the day and then I am going to take a little nap.

My pal Sam and I played eight games of volleyball last year and my partner and I are both totally rinsed this week.

I cooked up a few ibuprofen and had some freezing gel on my knees to try and help with the pain. I also have to work out later this week with Sam, so needless to tell you I have some rest to do before that time comes, and i still have two more hours to get my blogs done and take a nap with my air cleaner, which serves as a pale white noise machine to drown out the odd noises around the area. I will truly just rest and not sleep, but that is also nice because my body needs all of the rest it can get right now. I have a small heating device in my room that I need to box up, as the winter is fading the temps are starting to heat up, making me know about fully cleaning the cooling system system before I turn it on for the season. I will be nice for another 2 months because it heats up gradually here in this town and not so swiftly like back in my old household in the south where I am from. I will go to the local supplier later tomorrow and buy a new HEPA filter for the system so that I am ready for all of that pollen that comes from the weeping willow trees around this time of the year. It should be a nice month.


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