Top of the line heating plus A/C technology is great

I didn’t really realize the difference between a high quality air conditioner versus cheaper A/C for a long time.

  • I was so used to using old or not actually great quality heating plus A/C for a long time, that it came as a surprise to me when I was first introduced to high quality cooling… How do you actually know the difference? Well one of the main indicators is through how long it takes to cool your home.

An efficient high quality air conditioner can cool your home in up to 10 minutes. As soon as you turn your cooling device on, that is when you should be able to tell a difference. If your heating plus air conditioner device takes longer than 15 minutes to cool the home, you might have a bad quality air conditioner. Or it could just be old, however for a long time, my central A/C device was entirely old, at least 15 years old if not older. And so the efficiency had dropped by a lot. I was so incredibly used to this inefficient cooling machine, when I went over to my friend’s place and felt how good it was in their home, I was surprised. I asked them what their secret was plus they told me it was their current heating plus A/C machine. That plus the fact that they had great indoor air quality. I was entirely impressed, plus it was only then that I entirely started considering getting a current heating plus A/C device myself. I couldn’t even afford one yet, however I started saving for one soon after.

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