heating up the feet after a cooling down swim

I was just on the beach with a friend talking about how tired I was. Well, that all changed when I jumped into the cold sea and woke up again pretty quickly. I am still kind of tired but I will wake up by the time the sun starts to sink in the sky. I may go on a little road trip to the mountains with some friends this evening to get away from the Easter crowds that are rolling into town right now. This weekend is going to be slammed and I wouldn’t mind getting away from the local businesses and from the job I do at the HVAC company. It will be so crowded that I can’t ride my bike through the streets, and the crowds won’t subside till the weekend is over and everyone goes back to their normal routines. The air conditioning company in town where I work is going to be slammed this weekend with people trying to get their HVAC systems running in the heat. I am sure they will be fine without me there as there are a lot of people working in the store. I will come back in a week and do my HVAC work as usual, along with some duct cleaning and sealing jobs for the business. It will be slow next week and stay that way till June rolls around and all of the partiers come to our town for the summer. The local contractor, who I play ball with, is going to be working a lot on a/c systems, so I’m not sure we’ll play this summer.


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