I was glad to get rid of the a/c unit.

I had nothing but trouble with the a/c, since I moved into my house.

I wanted a new a/c unit, however I could not afford it. If my realtor had done everything I asked her to do, I would not be upset about a/c this year. I wanted the old HVAC system taken out of the house, & a new one installed. I was willing to put the cost on the purchase of the house, however I wanted it done before moving in. She said she would tell the owners what I was proposing, & it was a honorabledeal. I was lead to know the new HVAC system was installed two weeks before I took possession of the house, however I was lied to. They installed a new boiler, but not the a/c unit, from the first time I turned it on, it made a lot of noise, but it never cooled the house. I had to wait an entire year before I could afford to purchase a new a/c unit. I called my realtor & told her she owed me $6000 for the new a/c device I was installing. She seemed surprised. I had given the owners over $10,000 for the new HVAC system & all they installed was a boiler, & I wasn’t glad. It was in the agreement that a new HVAC system would be installed in the house, & she was going to spend money for the a/c unit. I was glad the day they brought the new a/c device to the house. I was finally able to get rid of that albatross. I had to call the realty business to get my money, & the realtor got fined, however I didn’t care, and next time she won’t put something in the contract that wasn’t fulfilled.

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