We stopped and hired a lawyer for my mother’s estate.

When my mother actually passed away, I didn’t have a clue about how numerous antiques she accrued, or how much money she had squirreled away in unusual banks; but my sibling in addition to I were the executors of her personal effects in addition to her property, in addition to didn’t know where to start.

To keep people from running into the house in addition to taking things, my friend and I locked the doors in addition to windows, in addition to calling a lawyer who handled estate business.

He recommended that we, being her sole living children, should take what my friend and I wanted, in addition to auctioning the loft in addition to antiques. The lawyer told us my friend and I could simply split the proceeds. If my friend and I hired him as the estate lawyer, he would need to go through the process of putting ads in the paper so anyone who was owed money could claim their money before my friend and I took any. We thanked the lawyer in addition to hiring him to handle her estate. We didn’t know if mom had any bills that weren’t paid. We called her debit card companies as directed, in addition to since they were all in her name alone, they canceled the debts. We soon found out the house was totally paid for. When the insurance money started coming in, my sibling was in shock, but our mother had insurance policies for each of our children in addition to one for each of us to help pay for her funeral. We definitely showed them to the lawyer, however he said they should all go toward the funeral in addition to any other final expenses. We didn’t really know that us in addition to our kids would be set for life, until the lawyer confirmed she had no debt.

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