Wasps and hornets in the woods

I was hunting in the woods on Friday and I took a path that is much longer than the one I normally walk, it was a beautiful springtime day and the sunshine was shining. It was uncommonly warm for May, but I was thrilled to have a day to spend outdoors. I was walking certainly quietly and carefully through the woods so I would not snap any twigs or crunch a lot of leaves. I was hoping to shoot something while I was out there. I did not see anything that was moving other than a couple of insects flying around. I walked a little further and the sound of buzzing insects became louder and louder. I came to a clearing in the woods and the buzzing was certainly loud. I saw several different nests of hornets and wasps. There must have been thousands of hornets and wasps in the area. I carefully walked backwards so I would not frighten the hornets and wasps. When I got back to my house, I decided to contact an exterminator. The nests were on my property and I did not want the problem to get greater. I recognized at least four or five different areas in the trees where the bees were buzzing. When the exterminator arrived, we walked through the woods back to the area where I heard all of the buzzing. The exterminator carefully sprayed an insecticide on all of the nests. The wasps and hornets started dropping instantly. He came back the next day to make sure the insecticide worked and then he cleaned up all of the mess.



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