The indoor air quality inside the building was so bad

Yesterday when I was getting back home, I saw that there were some guys up on the roof working on the HVAC system of our condo complex.

I don’t know what they were doing out there. I had never seen anyone working up there before, so it was unusual to see six guys in HVAC uniforms up there. The weather has been warm around here lately. I was thinking that maybe the commercial HVAC worker who takes care of the condo complex was just there to go ahead and do some repair toil or something like that, but maybe they are trying to get ahead of the game as far as the air conditioners go for this locale. We had many troubles last year with the cooling system in the building and maybe they are just trying to ensure that that does not happen again this year. That would easily be nice because last year the air conditioner troubles turned into a major fiasco for this building. The indoor air quality inside of the building was awful and we were all complaining to management about it. The owner of the building tried to make it right, but we just could not seem to get everything fixed the right way last summer. I’m glad to see that they are being proactive this year, at least. I was starting to plan buying a window unit air conditioner for my apartment, even though we have central air conditioning


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