Pretend heater

Changing the air filter in my HVAC system makes me feel about my grandpa a lot. He was such a good guy and I always absolutely loved him. Whenever I was a little kid, I would always go over and stay at my grandparents’ property during the winters and occasionally during the summers too. In the winters, my grandpa always helped me figure out all kinds of strange things around the house. He knew that I like to repair things, and he showed me how to adjust the furnace in their house. He also showed me how to change the filters on the HVAC system. I knew how to change air filters back when I was an absolutely little kid. My grandpa taught me how to do all kinds of little repairs around the house. I knew how to labor on plumbing and heating and cooling systems before I ever even thought about getting into high university. It’s just been one of those things that have always been important to me. I absolutely looked up to my grandpa a lot. I still feel like all the things that he taught me were absolutely significant to me becoming who I am this week. Likewise, I like being self-sufficient and being able to repair things myself at my property now that I am an adult. Furthermore, I do a lot of my own repairs on my furnace or on my a/c during the summer. Furthermore, I give credit to my grandpa for all of that. Anytime I am ever working on something like that at the house, it makes me feel of him, but changing the air filter is my preferred part, though, because I have such great memories of him doing that.

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