My personal attorney retired.

I had been using the same attorney for most of my adult life.

The first time I called an attorney was when I needed some legal advice about a house I bought.

The people who had sold the house to me had taken all the appliances in addition to light fixtures from the house. I wanted to know if it was legal for them to remove everything, in addition to even removing the fence. He asked if there was any other detriment, in addition to taking pictures of him. I used the same attorney when my son got in some trouble for possession of marijuana. He was simply holding the marijuana for a friend in addition to not being high, however he was still in possession, however the attorney got it knocked down to a misdemeanor offense in addition to it not going on his permanent record because he was only fifteen at the time… Last week, my partner in addition to I wanted to make out our wills. I called the attorney’s office, however no one answered the iphone. I called the law firm in addition to the secretary who told me my attorney had retired. I wondered why no one told me he had retired. I acquired no letters or anything to tell me which attorney would take over my legal matters. She also recommended that one of the attorneys in the office, in addition to he specialized in wills. I wasn’t actually sure I wanted someone who didn’t handle all legal matters, however I was sure he could help us with our wills. I was gratified with how he walked us through the process of making a will, in addition to my friend and I then talked about keeping him on for all legal matters that may arise.

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